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Sun, Sand and Robots - 3840px x 2160px

Sun, Sand and Robots

(3840px x 2160px)

Summer at the beach is increasingly characterised by the presence of robots. These technological masterpieces have become indispensable companions, impressing beachgoers with their efficiency and versatility. Robots in the form of friendly, automatic helpers perform a variety of tasks: they ensure that the beach remains clean and tidy by clearing the sand of rubbish and arranging the beach chairs neatly. Their dexterous gripping arms level small sand castles to ensure that the beach is always smooth and pleasant to walk on. They also serve as important rescue workers, using their sensors and cameras to detect dangerous situations and quickly provide assistance. The robots allow visitors to enjoy the summer at the beach to the fullest without having to worry about everyday tasks. However, humans disappeared two hundred years ago.

15. June 2023 18:36 Uhr